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NIEHS Renews Agreement with Korea NTP

By Colleen Chandler
November 2005

NIEHS Director David Schwartz and Seung-Hee Kim.
NIEHS Director David Schwartz and Seung-Hee Kim. (Photo by Steve McCaw, Image Associates)

NIEHS Director David Schwartz and Seung-Hee Kim, director of the Toxicological Research Department at the Korea National Toxicology Program, signed an agreement that will allow the NIEHS and the National Toxicology Program to continue assisting its Korean counterpart. Before the signing, Kim delivered a presentation to NIEHS staff summarizing the Korea NTP research and accomplishments. Much of the KNTP focus is on medicinal herbs.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is widely used throughout Asia. According to a report given to the NTP in 1994 by Korean officials, there are 660 herbs, minerals and other material used in Korean herbal medicine. North Korea has 446, Japan has 117, China has 564, and Taiwan has 364. Among the herbs the Korea NTP has studied are Pueriaria Root, Glycyrrhizan Liccorice Root, Pinellia Tuber, Safflower Seed, Artistolochiae Radix.

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