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Constella Group Awarded $42.3 Million Contract for Clinical Research

By Colleen Chandler
November 2005

Durham-based Constella Group was been awarded $42.3 million over 10 years to conduct a variety of studies for NIEHS. According to a Constella press release, the studies will likely range from intervention trials to case-control and prospective observational studies.

In the past, Constella has provided a wide range of professional services and solutions to NIEHS under other contracts, but this is the first time it will provide clinical research services.

"NIEHS has entrusted us to help it achieve its environmental health mission for a number of years, and we are pleased to play a pivotal role in a transformational program that we anticipate will have key impacts on environmental health, including new developments in gene-environment interactions and in the areas of mechanisms of disease, disease prevention, treatment enhancement and the promotion of healthy lifestyles," said Constella Group Chairman and CEO Donald Holzworth.

According to a press release issued by Constella, the contract will encompass many individual studies to be designed and implemented each year. Under the contract, Constella will plan and develop the studies, facilitate the regulatory process, subject sampling, oversee and monitor patient treatments and lifestyle interventions, administer questionnaires, collect and test environmental and biological samples, managing medical records and data, biostatistical anaylsis, bioinformatics and reporting.

The contract will be handled in Constella's Health Sciences division, one of four within the company.

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