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Thanks and Goodbye to Carolyn Snock

November 2005

Carolyn Snock, seated at the head of the table
Carolyn Snock, seated at the head of the table in front of the cake, apparently established quite a following during her 18 months in the NIEHS Fitness Room. Seated next to her is the fitness room manager, Stephanie Bullock-Allen. On the other side is Diane Crawford, the project officer in charge of the Wellness, Fitness, and Recreation Program. (Photo by Colleen Chandler)

Jack Bishop
Jack Bishop, a geneticist in the Toxicology Operations Branch, dishes up his special home-made chocolate with chocolate chip ice cream. Meanwhile, Debbie Stumpo, staff scientist in the Laboratory of Neurobiology, samples the goods. (Photo by Colleen Chandler)

In what seems to be an oxymoron of sorts, fitness room regulars supplied the most decadent foods as a way of saying goodbye to a beloved fitness instructor.

Carolyn Snock started working in the NIEHS fitness room about 18 months ago. Since then, she quickly established a following, and from from the looks of the buffet table at her going away party Oct. 14, quite a fan base ready and willing to show their appreciation for her efforts.

Fitness room manager Stephanie Bullock-Allen organized the surprise party on Snock's last day.

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