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'Scientific Grandchild' Presents Rodbell Lecture

May 2005

Roger Davis, Ph.D.

Roger Davis, Ph.D., delivered the Rodbell Lecture April 12. Davis is an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and is the H. Arthur Smith Chair of Cancer Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Davis said he considerers himself a 'scientific grandchild' of Martin Rodbell, former scientific director at NIEHS, whose work on signal transduction earned him a Nobel Prize. As a grad student, Davis trained under Rodbell-trained scientists. Hence, his term, "scientific grandchild" of Rodbell. Davis' signal transduction work focused on signaling mediated by protein kinases. In particular, he focused on the identification and characterization of stress-activated MAP kinase signaling pathways and their roles in cancer, inflammation, obesity and diabetes.

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