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NIEHS Basketball Team Takes RTP Tournament Championship

May 2005

left to right, A.G. Carrington, Al Caviness, Stephanie Bullock-Allen, Mark Rubino, and Gordon Caviness.

The NIEHS winning basketball team: from left, A.G. Carrington; Al Caviness, league coordinator and coach; Stephanie Bullock-Allen, fitness room manager; Mark Rubino; and Gordon Caviness. Other team members not shown are: Mark Rubino, Anthony Redd, Fred Hunter, Claude Springs, Floyd Monroe and Thomas Allen.

All team members are NIEHS employees, past employees or immediate family members of employees. Some members of the team have played every year for the last 20 years. There were two NIEHS teams and a total of five teams in the league. The 2005 tournament was held April 2 in Durham.

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