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NIEHS Spotlight

Dav RobertsonDav Robertson: SLA Fellow

Chief NIEHS librarian Dav Robertson is among the 22 people recognized as "Info Heroes" by the Special Library Association.

David SchwartzSchwartz Speaks at NIEHS Lecture Series

David Schwartz, who will assume leadership of NIEHS in April, was the headline speaker in two - yes two - new lecture series in February.

potential postdocOnce Again, NIEHS Ranks Third Best Place for Postdocs

NIEHS held its third-best place ranking for postdocs at U.S. institutions. The recognition comes from The Scientist's online survey to determine where the most satisfying postdoctoral experiences are occurring.

EPA engineer Luis LluberasDay Care Center Set to Open in July

The new 26,000-square-foot daycare center that NIEHS will share with EPA is expected to open for business after the July 4th weekend, an EPA official told NIEHS parents.

Inside The Institute

Lysandra CastroLysandra Castro: NIEHS Diversity Advocate and Artist

Biologist Lysandra Castro is the first person in her family to go to college. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Castro cultivated her creative talents as well as her analytical, logical side. To those at NIEHS who know her, she is perhaps the artistic best-kept secret around.

NIEHS logoCondolences

Alvin Wade Jr., 68, personnel officer at NIEHS from 1972 until he retired in 1994, passed away Feb 4 at his Morehead City home. He is survived by three sisters, many nieces and a nephew. Donations can be made in his honor to:

NIEHS logoNIEHS Changes Pay Systems March 20

On March 20, NIH will convert to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service pay system, which means a number of changes related to paychecks. The official payday - now alternating Tuesdays - will be alternating Fridays.

NIEHS logoUp and Coming

A representative from Mail Handlers Benefit Plan will be in the Rall Building, C mall area March 3 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. to answer questions and provide information.

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Science Notebook

NIEHS logoNIEHS-funded Study Links Air Pollution to Chromosome Damage in Newborns

The latest results in the multi-year study of mothers and children in New York City shows a link between prenatal exposure to air pollution and chromosome damage in newborns.

NIEHS logoNew "Chip" Technology for High-Throughput Toxicity Analyses

Advance: NIEHS-supported researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a new method that mimics liver metabolism allowing rapid testing of potential drugs.

NIEHS logoExposure to Lead, PCBs Affect Girls' Sexual Development

An NIEHS-funded study of adolescent girls from the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation in New York suggest low levels of common environmental pollutants can affect the timing of sexual maturation.