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Clarice Weinberg Receives Nathan Mantel Award

July 2005

Clarice R. Weinberg

Clarice R. Weinberg, NIEHS mathematical statistician, is the 2005 recipient of the Nathan Mantel Award for lifetime contributions to statistics in epidemiology.

The award is typically given every two years. The section on statistics in epidemiology of the American Statistical Association recognizes lifetime achievement in statistical methods developed to solve problems in epidemiology resulting from involvement in epidemiological analysis.

"A general research theme of mine has been the development of improved methods for design and analysis that account for sources of bias, missing data, response heterogeneity and mismeasurement in epidemiologic studies," Weinberg said.

The award is named for the late Nathan Mantel, a renowned biostatistician who worked at NCI from 1947 until 1974. His groundbreaking work brought new tools to medical research, biostatistics and epidemiology. He developed the "Mantel-Haenszel Procedure" originally used to assess associations between an environmental exposure and cancer risk. His paper on this procedure was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 1959 and has since influenced the design and analysis of subsequent epidemiological studies. He also devised methods to measure the safety of varying doses of drugs, evaluate diagnostic tests and assess exposure to radiation.

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