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NIEHS Spotlight

Kathy OdenwaldEEO Office: One Mission, Many Roles

Kathy Odenwald takes her job very seriously, but that does not mean she can't enjoy it.

NIEHS logoHealth Disparities: A Looming Challenge

The disparity between the health of white Americans and black Americans was the topic of W. E. B. DuBois's presentation in 1906 at Atlanta University. His paper, "The Health and Physique of the Negro American," focused on diseases that disproportionately affect black Americans.

NIEHS logoBlack History Month Observance will Focus on Obesity

The Research Triangle Park Chapter of Blacks in Government and the NIEHS Office of Clinical Research will observe Black History Month with a health disparities panel discussion on obesity Feb. 24 from 10 a.m. to noon in conference room 101B of the Rodbell Auditorium.

portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.Duke's Maurice Wallace Speaks at NIEHS MLK Program

Maurice Wallace, Duke University assistant professor and the featured speaker at NIEHS's Martin Luther King Jr. program Jan. 12, said in his presentation, "Changes between Now and Then" that today, more than ever, we need to stand against injustice and reach out to those in need.

Durham City Manager Patrick BakerBlacks in Government: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday "A Day On, Not a Day Off"

Durham City Manager Patrick Baker told members of Blacks in Government that much work remains to be done to achieve the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

Inside The Institute

Maria OrracaMaria Orraca Makes the Most of her Commute

Last summer, Maria Orraca decided to try an alternative means of getting to work.

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NIEHS logoUp and Coming

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Science Notebook

NIEHS logoNew NIH Conflict of Interest Regulations Issued

New conflict of interest regulations will require NIH scientists to cut all consulting ties with pharmaceutical and biotech companies within 30 days. Scientists can request an additional 30 days to comply, if needed, but the absolute deadline to comply is 90 days.

news article image of the 11th Report on CarcinogensEleventh Report on Carcinogens Draws Media Attention

The Eleventh Report on Carcinogens helped NIEHS start off the year with a bang in the form of a media blitz. Hundreds of news articles appeared within 24 hours from the time the report was released Jan. 31.

NIEHS logoDavid Schwartz's Presentation On-Line

Think you missed your chance to hear the next director of NIEHS, Dr. David Schwartz, give his presentation to NIH Jan. 13? Think again! "Environmental Genomics: a Key to Understanding Human Disease" was recorded and is available online for NIH employees. The presentation can be viewed by going to