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NIEHS Spotlight

Lutz BirnbaumerScience Awards

The third annual NIEHS Science Awards Day, held on Oct. 31, provided a forum for showcasing research at NIEHS as well as honored the Institute's best and brightest researchers.

Ray Tennant NIEHS Hosts Stem Cell Conference

Contrary to popular belief, stem cell biology is nothing new. In fact, a PubMed search reveals it has been underway for some 50 years, said NIEHS Deputy Scientific Director Bill Schrader, Ph.D., who moderated a discussion on the topic on Oct. 26.

Environmental Epigenomics posterEpigenetics Sheds New Light on Gene-Environment Interactions

Which is more important in shaping who we are and what we will be come - genetic predisposition or environmental influences?

NIEHS logoFalk Lecture

UNC TV Spotlights Frederick Alt, the Charles A. Janeway

NIEHS logoCFC Campaign is - Again - a Success

The NIEHS community concluded another successful Combined Federal Campaign. The CFC, a regiona lly based fund-raising effort, consolidates charitable giving solicitations for non-profit organizations in to one event for federal employees.

NIEHS logoExposure Biology Initiative

NIEHS Director David Schwartz plans to develop a $4 million Exposure Biology Initiative in 2006 to detect, measure and track toxicants and toxins both in people and the environment.

Inside The Institute

Keith MooreIntroducing...Keith Moore

Weekdays Keith Moore is an administrative technician in the Office of the Scientific Director. On weekends he fulfills his "calling" as "minister of music" and stays busy with choir and "praise team" rehearsals.

NIEHS logoFinding Balance: a Personal Quest

Achieving a balance between work and other life activities requires an inventory of personal values and an analysis of existing habits, according to Sherry Essig, of Priority Ventures Group, who came to NIEHS on Oct. 27.

Steve DavisNative American Heritage

The NIEHS Diversity Council and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management sponsored an event titled, "Celebrating Native American Heritage," on Nov. 18 in the Rall Building.

NIEHS logoTime to Dust Off the Camera Bags

Earth Day isn't until April, but now is a good time to start thinking about Ea rth Day photos. The NIEH S Environmental Awareness Advisory Committee will add a new category to the annual Earth Day Photo Contest: species indigenous to the NIEHS and EPA campus.

Pam SchmidWhen a Mammogram Is Not Enough

The NIEHS Fitness and Wellness Program sponsored a breast cancer awareness seminar in the Rodbell auditorium on Nov. 17.

Lars PedersonFirst NIEHS/EPA Biathlon for CFC

Approximately 86 employees of NIEHS and EPA participated in the first NIEHS/EPA Biathlon for the Combined Federal Campaign on Nov. 15.

NIEHS logoUp and Coming


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Science Notebook

NIEHS logoLung Scarring Diseases Linked to Genes and Smoking

New research shows that people who smoke, and have a specific gene, can get idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. IIP is a group of fatal disorders that affect the lungs.

Glinda CooperAutoimmune Disorders: an Epidemiological Challenge

Glinda Cooper, an epidemiologist in the Environmental Diseases and Medicine Branch, is leaving NIEHS in mid January to accept

NIEHS logoMeaty, Salty, Starchy Diet May Impact Chronic Lung Disease

Research indicates that people who eat m ostly meat, refined starches and salty foods are 1.43 times more likely to develop persistent coughs with phlegm than those who eat more fruit and soy foods.